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Elite Spanking – Tyron

Another fresh week and time for one more super sexy and fresh elite spanking update to come to you. Today we have our dominant couple taking care of another un submissive sex slave. And her name is Tyron. Her mouth cannot be stopped from talking it seems, but her ass is sure to remember the pain of the spanking by the next time that she is way out of line. And with the couple together you know what that means. You get to see the sexy blonde mistress again, but for this scene she is dressed more casually than her regular attire.

elite-spanking-tyron-spankedThe couple makes sure to strap in the blonde babe nicely so that she can’t go anywhere and the first thing they do as you can imagine is to get her butt perfectly undressed and ready for the small whip. You just need to see the blonde mistress as she does a fine job to undress Tyron nice and slow and sensually for the cameras. And then she lifts her legs in the air, giving the cams some nice and good long sexy views of her slave’s nice and perky pussy. Her man then starts to whip her ass and you can hear our babe moaning in pleasure! Check out the http://sicflics.info/ site if you wanna see other sexy ladies getting spanked!

Take a look at poor Tyron getting whipped!