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Elite Spanking Video – Barra’s Workout

Another fresh week and time for another elite spanking video to be brought to you guys. Well this is a bit of a special occasion as we wanted to do something special this time. You guys have followed us for quite a while and we want to take the time to dedicate this update to you guys.

In it you get to see a superbly sexy and hot blonde babe named Barra as she starts off by doing a bit of a workout, but then she gets in the mood for bound gangbangs, BDSM and whipping and she has our lovely blonde mistress help her with her need this fine afternoon. Let’s start off this scene and see the two babes at play for this nice video update.

As you can see the sexy blonde babe Barra likes to do her training topless and you just have to take the time to admire that nice and sexy body of hers as she starts her little routine. She makes sure to oil herself up as well so that he may get a nice shine of those sexy and perky tits. Like we said, she was getting more and more in the mood to have some rough treatments, and she had the mistress tie her up nicely. Then she gets to have her sexy arched back whipped by the leather flail, and you can just hear her loving every moment. Enjoy this video and do check out the previous update as well for some more superb elitespanking scenes! Also you can visit the snake videos porn and watch other beauties getting tied up and whipped!

Watch here poor Barra getting roughly whipped!

Elite Spanking Video – Ines Should Know Better

Hi there once more guys and gals, and welcome back. Today we have a nice elite spanking video all ready just for you guys to see. And as you may observe, for this one, the sexy and nasty mistress is back with a vengeance. Today one of her other ladies named Ines decided to be naughty once more and receive some punishment, and so this sexy babe had to do something about it. She had Ines come into the living room and she was also going to catch this event on cameras too to remind her what happens when she gets naughty from now on. Well let’s see them in action.

The mistress has the sexy and hot Ines take off her sexy bra and keep on the rest of her clothes as she just has business with her back for today. She grabs her leather whip and starts to whip her. Well if you look closely, you can see that miss Ines is kind of getting into it after a while and she starts to moan in pleasure every time the leather strips make contact with her superbly silky skin. Enjoy this nice video everyone and watch it start to finish to truly enjoy the superb scene. We have to leave once more but not before leaving this sexy elitespanking video with you guys so that you may enjoy it. Bye bye and see you next week like usual with more! Until then, you can enter the Mistress T site and see a hot mistress in great hardcore sex scenes!

Check out nasty Ines getting whipped!

Pain Or Pleasure ?

Well here we are again with one more superb elite spanking update, and just like in previous scenes you get to see one sexy and slutty babe as she is getting hardtied and treated roughly by this guy. Well for this little scene it was a bit different. The guy decided to be more lenient, and to do so he decided to let this cutie decide her own fate with him delivering it as always. Well this babe chose both pleasure and pain as she always gets off better after she was punished. And so she has the guy do his thing while she leans over that wooden thing. Let’s see the babe in action for this update today without any further due!

As the cameras start rolling, you can see the stud tying her up nicely in a bent over position. He then lifts up her skirt and uses his paddle to spank that naughty and unruly ass of hers into submission for the scene today. And he continues that until the babe just begs him to untie one of her hands so that she may fondle her pussy too. So just sit back and take the time to look at this cutie while she pleases herself with the guy spanking her nice and naughty ass for the afternoon. We bet that you’ll love it and rest assured that there’s more to come in our future elite spanking updates. See you guys next week with some more!


Take a look at this poor babe getting her sexy ass spanked!

EliteSpanking – Leonelle

In this nice and fresh elitespanking update we bring you another sexy hottie that gets herself in a pinch. She managed to disturb her master when he was working in the garage and he had just the punishment for this naughty little lady today. He decided to tie her up and give her a rough spanking with his leather stick until she learned her lesson. And one thing that you need to know about Leonelle is that she is just as crazy about getting spanked as about sex, as she always draws pleasure from them. And this worked according to her plan.

naughty-leonelle-gets-spankedWell anyway, this superb elite spanking scene with her like we said, goes down in the garage and the guy ties her up nicely to the devices there so that she gets to bend over and put that nice and round butt of hers on display. Sit back and watch her getting roughly spanked this afternoon, and see her moaning in pleasure while the guy takes care of her superb body with his stick. We know that you will enjoy it, and sadly for now we have to take our leave. But just like usual you can expect to see another sexy scene next week once more everyone. See you then and enjoy! Until then, you can visit the divinebitches.org site and watch some similar spanking scenes!

Check out naughty Leonelle getting roughly spanked!

Katty and Her Caning

Why hello there once again guys and gals and welcome back to another superb and sexy elite spanking scene. Again we find ourselves in need to bring you a super sexy and hot scene with another naughty babe as she gets her sexy ass punished for being naughty. And her punishment for today. Well her master uses a nice cane to spank that ass nice and hard for the whole afternoon. And just like always you get front row seats to this superb show today. You know that us here at elitespanking like to please and this was no exception.

In this scene we have the lovely and slutty brunette named Katty and her little image update. You get to see her making an entry wearing one superb and sexy outfit and she looked super sexy in it. Well to bad that she is in for some rough treatments as we bet that you would love to see her pose in her kinky clothes today. Anyway, the dude bends her over and pulls off her cute panties to show off that nice rear end of hers along with her perky pussy, and of course he then starts to slap her sexy buttocks with the stick today. Enjoy it and see you soon! Until then, you can click here and watch some kinky videos and pics!


Watch here nasty Katty getting canned!

Elite Spanking – Tyron

Another fresh week and time for one more super sexy and fresh elite spanking update to come to you. Today we have our dominant couple taking care of another un submissive sex slave. And her name is Tyron. Her mouth cannot be stopped from talking it seems, but her ass is sure to remember the pain of the spanking by the next time that she is way out of line. And with the couple together you know what that means. You get to see the sexy blonde mistress again, but for this scene she is dressed more casually than her regular attire.

elite-spanking-tyron-spankedThe couple makes sure to strap in the blonde babe nicely so that she can’t go anywhere and the first thing they do as you can imagine is to get her butt perfectly undressed and ready for the small whip. You just need to see the blonde mistress as she does a fine job to undress Tyron nice and slow and sensually for the cameras. And then she lifts her legs in the air, giving the cams some nice and good long sexy views of her slave’s nice and perky pussy. Her man then starts to whip her ass and you can hear our babe moaning in pleasure!

Take a look at poor Tyron getting whipped!

Ines Gets What She Deserves

For this fine week we have another amazing elite spanking update for you guys to watch and enjoy. In it you get to watch one sexy and slutty little brunette babe as she gets that fine round ass spanked. This is one spanking scene that you simply cannot miss as this babe simply has the most adorable and perfect butt to have fun with. This guy was going to take his time spanking her butt as much as he could as he simply cannot hold himself back from having fun with such sexy perfection this fine day today. So let’s get started.

The scene starts off, and just like always you get to see the naughty cutie as she gets strapped in to the spanking table today. Watch as the guy uses his stick to take care of her ass. But not before he makes sure to take off her dress and small sexy black panties. You get to see her pussy in a nice close up view as well and as you can imagine this cutie is dripping wet. She was just too eager to get her naughty ass taught a lesson. Sit back and enjoy her ass elite spanking session for the afternoon.



Watch here Ines getting her sexy round ass spanked!

Elite Spanking – Debbie

Today we have one sexy and hot treat for you guys to see. In this nice and fresh elite spanking scene you get to see the sexy and hot mistress that first made her entry a few updates ago, and in this scene she gets to take care of two of her slutty female sex slaves. They have been terribly naughty as of late and she just doesn’t know what to do about them but this. So today she got them both in a room, and she intended to discipline them as best she could. And of course you guys get to see it all for this amazing scene today. Let’s get started and see our lovely blonde mistress elitespanking those naughty and sexy asses today.


One of the sexy babes getting punished is named Debbie and she has been asking for a good punishment for quite a while. The mistress finally got around to discipline her and she was kind of looking forward to it. First and foremost though she takes the time to roughly treat the other babe’s sexy ass, and when she’s done she has her sitting facing the wall for the rest of the punishment. When Debbie’s turn finally comes you get to see her eagerly pulling down her panties as she needs her ass treated roughly today. Enjoy seeing the sexy and slutty Debbie getting her ass worked and have fun with her scene today everyone. See you next week with another sexy scene update and fresh content! Also you can watch some Jasmine Sinclair lesbian sex videos if you’re looking for similar material!

Take a look at nasty Debbie getting her ass spanked!

Naughty Cora Gets Spanked

Hey there once more everyone, we bring you some more superb elite spanking scenes this week and as usual they are quite hot. In this week’s update we have a sexy and beautiful blonde babe named Cora getting her naughty little ass punished for daring to speak back to her master. And rest assured that this cutie always finds a way to get in trouble as she just adores this guy’s treatments. So you can rest assured that this little hot scene is as hot as all the others that we had here thus far. Let’s not waste anymore time as we bet you are eager to watch this cutie in action without delay in today’s simply superb and sexy scene.

The cameras start rolling, and the first thing that you get to see is our superb little blonde babe, who is looking just like the sexy models from the modelstied blog, during her solitary confinement period. The guy soon follows suite and enters the scene all prepared with things to tie her up and his little whip to punish her. The cutie bends over the table and lets the guy restrain her small hands to it. Sit back and see as he lifts up her small sexy skirt, and see him pulling down her panties too. And you know that by now this little babe was just waiting for the slapping to start. Enjoy watching her nice and sexy round butt getting punished today and do drop by next week for some more superb and sexy elitespanking scenes.


See naughty Cora getting her sexy ass spanked!

Elite Spanking – Annita’s Spanking Addiction

Hey there guys, today elite spanking comes back once more with another superb little scene for you guys to see today. And in it you get to see the sexy and hot brunette babe Anita as she gets her sexy body punished for being very very naughty today. To be honest even Annita herself likes this kind of treatment, just like the chicks from the infernalrestraints site, and she got kind of a kick from getting her naughty little ass spanked for this fine afternoon. Anyway, you guys get to see her in action as well for this fine afternoon and we think that you will just adore her superb and sexy scene for this afternoon.


Anyway let’s get started and see this cutie in action as she gets her sexy body punished. Sit back and enjoy watching this babe as she gets tied up nicely, and then watch as the guy starts to whip her back side. You can se her moan in pleasure as she seems to get turned on by all of this. And the guy then moves on to her sweet ass as well making her feel even better when he spanks her butt. Anyway this is a great scene and you shouldn’t miss it for the world. We will be returning next time with even more superb elitespanking scenes for you guys so stay tuned!

Take a look at this tied up babe getting whipped!